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   Andrew and Kelvin both originally came from Bath in the UK.  They are both thankful they do not live there anymore. Over the years the place has become dirty and scruffy and totally unattractive for the tourists. In fact its like living in a rubbish tip and smells like one. They then lived in Pucklechurch in South Gloucestershire for a few years. Now they have moved to Winford in the Chew Valley area. They love being near Chew Valley lake and Blagdon lake. The place is tidy and very attractive for visitors, the people are also very friendly in this area.

The veggiefood site was started back in 2009 with just a few recipes, then it went in depth with the fruit, veg and the health benefits. In June 2015 Mark helped with some new ideas. He is from Shepherd's Bush in London, where he has lived all his life. He became a vegetarian in 2013 after trying some of the recipes on this site. He used to work at the BBC TV Centre along with Andrew and have been friends since the early nineties.

            In August  2015 Andrew and Kelvin went to Bath Cats & Dogs Home and adopted "Gizmo" an American Akita. He will keep them exercised with his walks. He is also the face of Veggiefood. The American team joined in 2017 , we are all very proud to work with Andrew and Kelvin. We look after a large part of the website.

A Veggiefood book is being written at present by Andrew & Kelvin. It will include all the facts and recipes on this website. We hope to have it published next year.

(Marty one of our web designers from the USA has added the following)

Due to the persistent attempts of hackers from China ( these  disgusting people who eat anything that moves ) They may listen that the American and British don't want them in their countries. Infact the rest of the world may feel the same. They have been trying to hack the members area on this website. We have blocked  China access to Veggiefood by their IPs .




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