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    Andrew and Kelvin both originally came from Bath. Andrew moved to Pucklechurch , South Gloucestershire  back in 2002 . ( Very close to Bath).  Kelvin followed a few years later.  They  both  became vegetarian in 2009 and agree it is the best decision ever made. Their health increased and  both feel a lot better in themselves.  Andrew became a vegetarian  because of a stroke back in 2008, and has since  lost 19kg in weight as a result of being a vegetarian.  Kelvin just  did not like  much meat .  Both do not agree with the way animals are treated to produce meat. An interesting  fact is that  both  of them have not  even had a cold since being vegetarian.

     The site was started back in 2009 with just a few recipes, then it went in depth with the fruit, veg and the health benefits . In June 2015 Mark joined them, he is from Shepherd's Bush in London, where he has lived all his life. He became a vegetarian in 2013 after trying some of the recipes on this site. He used to work at the BBC TV  Centre and has been Andrews friend since the early ninety’s.

      In August  2015 Andrew and Kelvin went to Bath Cats & Dogs Home and
adopted "Gizmo" an American Akita. He will keep them exercised with his walks. He is also the face of Veggiefood.

     We now have a members area, if you wish to use it please send an email to  and we will give you a username and password. It is free at the moment  as we are building it up. You will find  forgotten wild foods, Gluten-free and more recipes as well as being able to upload  a recipe of your own to be published.

      One question that many people ask is " do you eat fish? ". The answer to that is NO a vegetarian does not eat any form of flesh, and a fish is a living creature. People that eat fish and no meat are called  Pescetarian . You can find out more here. This website has recipe's for the standard vegetarian or people that would like a meat free diet.

Please note: You will not find Veggiefood  on any Social Media sites. We do not approve of the poor behaviour they allow.

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